We Begin

by Kate B

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tým hốa Lyrics sound & Vibes very healing . The voice and words combined with Didgereedoo, violin and guitar kind of hit a sweet spot for me .. 🙏😍🌈 Favorite track: Aum Gaia.
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Greetings beloveds! I’m so excited to share this album with you as my second musical offering. I love that feeling of listening and thinking ‘A year in the making, yes! We did it!’.

Title track, 'We Begin', was written for a ceremonial walk facilitated by Raelene Byrne, resembling the shape of the snake, representing the power of shedding the old and allowing our full potential to shine. This idea inspired the evolution of my music and the studio performances that followed... we sought to capture that brilliance and embody richness.

Left unsupervised, this album became like one of my famous birthday parties, with everyone grabbing an instrument and singing a line. Thank you so much to all the musicians and friends who contributed their musical magic and support! A huge thank you goes out to the cheerleaders and crowdfunders whose support was so instrumental in bringing this music to life! I wish you great enjoyment in the listening! — Kate B

Special acknowledgement and gratitude goes:

To Andy for being so very good at what you do… I’m such a fan! You so beautifully walk the line between technical detail and sonic bliss! To Imogen & Lilybel, for welcoming me in to your home for another year of our lives! Miss you already!

To Darren for your priceless vocal coaching, your wise words that never let me settle for mediocre and for holding up the mirror, inviting me to bring the best of what I’ve got to offer.

To Josh & Mark for your immeasurable support & friendship, your many hours of listening to the music, and to me, and for the tough love reality checks when I needed them! To Prem, Jethro & Sage for your years of unconditional support, musical friendship and love!

To my co-creators Brian & Haitch for writing with me… so great to embark on a creative project rooted deep in lifelong friendships!

To Matiu, Georgia, Elliott, Raj, Mark M, Nienke & Menaka, thank you for bringing your particular flavour of musical friendship and goodness to this project and to Gareth for bringing the string magic once again!

Thanks to Maddie Howe for the beautiful artwork and Sara-Jayne Prince for amazing photography.

To the crowd funders who made this all possible, thank you SO MUCH!

Special thanks to my partner Ross, my biggest fan, who has quietly held space and offered financial support and encouragement in those moments when I needed it most.

Big thanks to Mum (Christina Eason) for throwing in the last generous contribution into the crowd fund that got me over line and for always believing in me…Thanks mum!


released May 30, 2019

Recording, engineering, mixing
 & production by award winning
 producer Andy Downer at A.D.STUDIO. Arrangements by Andy and Kate. Lyrics & music by Kate Barzdo, excluding covers and traditional songs.

Additional recordings at Kate’s home studio. Extra vocals were recorded on the Yama Nui Recording Studio with Paulie B and She’ll Be Right Studios with Mark Hennessy. Mastering by award winning William Bowden @ King Willy Sound.

Writing credits to Haitch for co-writing 'Jewel in the Lotus', Brian Martin for co-writing 'We Begin', and melody contributions for 'Aum Gaia'. Authors acknowledgement to Peter Makena on 'Magnificence' and Daphne Tse for extra lyrics. 'The Parting Glass' and 'Fire Feather' are both traditional with authors unknown.

There were 16 of us in this musical party all up. A huge thanks you all, for helping to shape it into the magic that is is!

Kate B — Celtic Harp, 6-String Guitar, Ukulele, Lead & Backing Vocals, Shakers and Cajon. Kate plays a Maton SRS808 guitar, Mini Maton Diesel 12 String, Kala Concert Ukulele, Denwar Celtic 27 string Therapy Harp, Koshi Chimes and Cajon.

Andy D — Drum programming, Synthesiser & Bass playing; Piano on 'Aum Gaia', 'Grateful Heart', 'Jewel in the Lotus', 'The Parting Glass' & 'Magnificence'; Backing Vocals on 'Grateful Heart' & 'Traa dy Liooar'.


Haitch – Co–author, Suling & Vocals on 'Jewel in the Lotus', Native American Drone Flute & Didge on 'Fire Feather', Didge on 'Aum Gaia'.
Brian Martin – Co-author, Piano & Vocals on 'We Begin', Piano & Vocals on 'Womb to Tomb' & Vocals on 'Traa dy Lioor'. Melody contributions for 'Aum Gaia'.

Guest artists:

Darren Percival – Lead vocals on 'The Parting Glass' plus backing vocals on 'Grateful Heart' & 'Magnificence'
Matiu Te Huki – Lead vocals on 'Fire Feather'
Menaka Thomas – Backing vocals and improv vocals on 'Jewel in the Lotus'
Gareth Mewes – Violin on 'Aum Gaia', 'Magnificence', 'Traa dy Lioor' & 'We Begin'
Jethro Williams – Bansuri Flute & Guitar on 'Grateful Heart'
Sage Andreasen – Backing vocals on 'Traa dy Lioor' & 'Womb to Tomb' and improv & backing vocals on 'Aum Gaia'
Imogen Wolf – Backing Vocals on 'Grateful Heart' & 'Traa dy Liooar'
Georgia Shine – Cello on 'The Parting Glass'
Nienke Berghuis – Backing vocals on 'Aum Gaia'
Mark Moroney – Backing vocals on 'Grateful Heart' & 'Magnificence'
Pandit Raj – Esraj on 'Jewel in the Lotus'
Elliott Orr – Calabash on 'Womb to Tomb'

© 2019 Kate Barzdo

www.katebmusic.com ~ hello@katebmusic.com


all rights reserved



Kate B Brisbane, Australia

…. ♥ creates music for the soul ♥ ….
Chanting, mantra & uplifting inspirational songs from the heart combine with melodic vocals and many strings. She has been a singer for as long as she can remember and first picked up the guitar when she was 14. From folk to blues and cafes to weddings and community choirs, her journey has more recently carried her back to the world of chanting & heartsongs. ... more

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Track Name: Womb to Tomb

One thing that I know for sure
We are all in this together
Like a drop in the ocean, or a strand in the web
Our lives are connected forever

From womb to tomb we are connected by breath
We are bound to each other
From womb to tomb we are connected by breath
We are wrapped up in love

One act of kindness goes far beyond
The place where it touches
Like invisible threads of community
A ripple moving outwards

What if together we were to choose,
The shape of things to come
And in all that we say and it all that we do
We remember we are one

We’d be building a bridge into our future
We’d be building a doorway to our heart
Track Name: Traa dy Liooar

There’s no present like the time
And time is all we have to give
Why the hurry? Slow it on down,
And we might find a new way to live

Traa dy Lioor, Traa dy Lioor,
There is time, there is time enough
Traa dy Lioor, Traa dy Lioor
There is time enough

Take the time to let the path unravel
Feel the earth and follow your feet
Cos we all know when we take the path less travelled
Life can be so very sweet

Like a pebble in a pond, expanding infinitely
The moments we touch shape our way
And if we could cross time to meet ourselves
What is it that we’d say?
What is it that we’d say?
Track Name: Aum Gaia

Water of life , cleanse my soul
Fire burn in me, all that is old
Mother Earth hold me close, together standing strong
Air, breathe into me, as I sing my song

Aum Gaia
Aum Gaia Ma
Aum Gaia Ma

We drink of the water, one and the same
We dance together into the fire and flame
Feet on the earth and here we remain
As we breathe together, calling her name
(calling her name)
Track Name: Grateful Heart (feat. Jethro Williams)

Sunrise like diamonds, across the ocean blue
What is it that this day will bring?
Morning birdsong offers up it’s symphony
Now’s my time to sing

My grateful heart
My grateful heart
My grateful heart
Remember my grateful heart

Sunset through the trees, glittering in gold
And the stars kiss the sun away
Hands joined at the heart, I remember
The beauty of today

At the dawn of the day, all our fears melt away
We welcome all, come what may
At the end of the day, we give thanks and pray
For all the blessings that have come our way

Lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu
Track Name: Jewel in the Lotus (feat. Haitch + Menaka Thomas)

There is a jewel, in the lotus flower
Unfolding deep, deep within my soul

To be a jewel, in the lotus flower
Unfolding is, the highest goal

Hare Om Mani Padme Hum
Hare Om Mani Padme Hum
Track Name: Fire Feather (feat. Matiu Te Huki)

Fire Feather is my spirit name
I love the sun and trees
I danced upon the sacred mountain
And I witnessed all eternity

Silent Water is my spirit name
I love the moon and sea
I swam with creatures of the great ocean
They whispered joy and love to me

Ah Ah Ah Ah…

Ma te huruhuru ka rere te manu,
te manu wairua e,
nei ra te mihi maioha ki nga tipuna e,

Kuate leño leño maote
Hayano hayano hayano

We are one with the infinite sun
Forever and ever and ever
We are one with the infinite sun
Forever and ever and ever

Ah Ah Ah Ah…

Fire Feather is my spirit name is my spirit name
I love the sun and trees
I danced upon the sacred mountain
And I witnessed all eternity

Silent Water is my spirit name
I love the moon and sea
I swam with creatures of the great ocean
They whispered joy and love to me
Track Name: We Begin (feat. Brian Martin)

Peeling away , the layers of the old
we are reborn anew
thoughts and reflections, moving from fear to joy F Eb
we are moving through

We are born, and born again,
We die and are reborn my friend
Shedding our skin, reveal the light within
Stepping through we begin

With death and rebirth, we create our new earth
Carrying our hopes and our dreams
From doubt and confusion, we move through the illusion
What is it that we gleam?

In this moment, we let go
In this moment, let it flow

Om naamha shivaya
Shiva om namaha
Track Name: The Parting Glass (feat. Darren Percival)

Of all the money, e'er I had, I spent it in good company
And of all the harm e'er I've done, alas was to none but me
And all I've done for want of wit, to memory now I can't recall
So fill me to your parting glass
Goodnight and joy be to you all

If I had money enough to spend and leisure time to sit awhile
There is a fair maid in this town that surely has my heart beguiled
Her rosey cheeks and ruby lips, I own she has my heart enthralled
So fill me to this parting glass
Goodnight and joy be to you all

Of all the comrades e'er I had, they are sorry for my going away
And of all the sweethearts e'er I had, they wish me one more day to stay
But since it falls unto my lot, that I should rise and you should not
I’ll gently rise and softly call
Goodnight and joy be to you all
Track Name: Magnificence

There is so much magnificence

Near the ocean

Waves are coming in

x 2-3

Hallelujah, hallelujah x 2

Love to all, joy to all,

Peace to all, om shanti

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